Video Blog

Laura Martini – Kelowna

Born and raised in Kelowna, Laura Martini has been an instructor at oranj fitness since the day we opened our doors in February 2007. She is a community leader, a beacon for health and fitness, and runs some of the coolest yoga retreats all over the world! Check out the video blog above to learn more about our rock star yoga instructor, Laura Martini!

Carla Playford – Fort McMurray

Carla Playford has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and is an amazing wealth of knowledge! She teaches yoga, yoga boot camp and yoga tone at oranj fitness in Fort McMurray. Come on out to her classes and check out her video blog above!

12 Days of Oranjmas – Kelowna & Fort McMurray

We always remember to never take ourselves too seriously. With that in mind, our staff has come together and created a fun, holiday 12 Days of oranj-mas video. From our family to yours, happy holidays! 

Chelsea Ray – Kelowna

Chelsea has been an integral part of the oranj family for many years. She started out as a valued guest and went on to teach classes of her own. Chelsea has a wealth of knowledge in the field of nutrition and can often be found hiking in the mountain trails with her beloved dog Oli. Check out Chelseas video blog above to learn more about her!

Kelowna’s Facelift

We are thrilled with our studios new look and hope you are too! Many of you have been asking about what the process looked like? Well, here you go! Check out our facelift video blog to see all the crazy fun we had during our week of being shut down!

Mike McKoy – Fort McMurray

Mike McKoy is a personal trainer and boot camp instructor at oranj Fort McMurray. He is one of the most upbeat and jolly people you will ever meet. Mike will always push you toward your goals in health and fitness, while offering a wealth of knowledge at the same time. We are so happy to have Mike as part of our oranj fitness family! To learn more about this amazing guy, please watch the video link above!

Tina Mandl – Kelowna

Born and raised in Kelowna, Tina Mandi has worked as a dance and yoga instructor, as well as front-of-house supervisor for oranj fitness for more than five years. Tina is continually inspired by her community involvement. Check out this video blog to learn more about her dance and yoga background.

Kari Campbell – Fort McMurray

Born and raised in Alaska, Kari has lived in Fort McMurray for more than five years. She teaches spin and boot camp at oranj fitness, and is an animal lover! Check out the video blog above to learn more about the fabulous Kari Campbell!

Amanda Horning – Fort McMurray

Amanda Horning has worked for oranj Fort McMurray since the day we opened our doors. Born and raised in Prince George, Amanda has a passion for the outdoors, the environment and yoga. Check out our video blog to learn more about this rocking gal!

Michelle Blackford – Kelowna

Michelle Blackford has been an integral member of the oranj family in Kelowna for more than six years. She teaches boot camps, spin classes and yoga classes. Her infectious laugh and constant dedication to our guests has made her classes unforgettable! Check out our video blog on Michelle to find out more!

Emma Mason – Fort McMurray

Emma Mason was born in England and moved to Fort McMurray, where she teaches fitness classes and does personal training at oranj Fort McMurray. Also our front-of-house supervisor, Emma brings her infectious laugh with her everywhere she goes. You cant help but feel inspired when you work out with her, because she lives and breathes fitness. Check out this video blog to learn more about Emma!

What do you love about oranj? – Kelowna

This video features interviews of our Kelowna staff discussing what they love about working at oranj fitness!